U.K. mental health provider first to bring Lyssn to NHS

October 28, 2021


Working with AI technology company Lyssn, Trent PTS introduces a new way to accurately assess behavioral health services at scale.

October 28, 2021 – Seattle, WA. Lyssn announced today a contract with Trent PTS (Psychological Therapies Service) to measure the quality of psychological therapy services it provides to support quality improvement and better client outcomes. Trent is the first United Kingdom National Health System (NHS) customer for Seattle-based Lyssn and will bring to the NHS a new method of measuring the quality of psychological health care at scale.

Trent PTS has contracted with Lyssn to use Lyssn’s secure HIPAA and GDPR-compliant AI platform to record, transcribe, and evaluate therapeutic sessions. The British behavioral health organization will use the evidence-based analytics they obtain to support their continuous improvement efforts.

As part of the NHS Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) program, Trent PTS provides therapeutic services at no cost for conditions related to depression, anxiety, trauma, grief and more. Trent employs 170 therapists who treat patients primarily across Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire at 23 locations.

“We’d been doing a lot of research,” said Dean Repper, Clinical Director of Trent PTS. “There are some companies doing some interesting things in this area, but none of them quite had a useful product yet. They might have transcripts (which are hard to do) or recording methods, but none of them had anything in place that analyzed a session. Lyssn offered all of that, and in a vetted platform. Nothing like Lyssn exists here.”

Lyssn’s unique AI platform offers secure recording and sharing of therapeutic sessions, accurate speech-to-text transcripts, and actionable AI-generated insights on the application of evidence-based treatments such as Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Lyssn is already in use in behavioral health practices, universities, and telehealth companies across the United States. This collaboration with Trent marks the first implementation of the Lyssn platform within the United Kingdom.

“It’s great to have the opportunity to work with Trent, and to roll out our platform in the United Kingdom with them and soon other U.K. providers,” said Zac Imel, Co-founder of Lyssn. “Lyssn is focused on unlocking the black box of therapy using reliable and validated AI technologies and supporting therapists to help make sure people get the best behavioral health care possible. The Lyssn platform will help Trent better understand what is going on within their sessions, so they can see when things are going well, or where their clinicians need additional support.”

In the U.K., IAPT provider services must be evidence-based treatments delivered by trained clinicians. Outcomes must be monitored, and clinicians offered supervision, support, and training. Providers must prove the fidelity of their services with quality measurements in place.

“There are many performance metrics we have to meet,” said Dean Repper, “such as waiting times, and scheduling times for follow up appointments. But when it comes to proving reliable improvement and showing the effectiveness of the treatments, that’s where things get complicated. We have patient self-reported outcomes but assisting therapists to link what they do in session to either favorable or unfavorable outcomes is a very time-consuming manual task. There just weren’t processes in place.”

Like many behavioral health care providers, Trent PTS wants to understand care processes within individual therapy sessions so they can provide better supervision and learn where providers might need support or further training. Currently, along with patient self-reported forms, a selection of transcribed sessions are taken to supervision. Manual transcription and coding of sessions, however, can be labor intensive, expensive, and difficult—if not impossible—to achieve at scale. The addition of Lyssn gives Trent the opportunity to measure every therapy session, instead of a small sample, without requiring time-consuming manual work.

“We really believe in making use of the technologies out there that are based in solid research to help us support clinicians, avoid burnout, and better help patients,” said Dean Repper. “At the moment we are working with Lyssn to train our staff and adjust the platform, but I can already see how this feedback will help us improve. Lyssn will give us the ability to support our therapists in a way we’ve never done before. Also, it is easy to use and not intrusive. Clinicians can use it along with their supervisor to review sessions and ultimately improve their practice and outcomes – which is something every therapist wants.”



About Lyssn

Lyssn offers a HIPAA, FERPA and GDPR-compliant AI platform to help behavioral health care providers and payors improve services and client outcomes. Secure recording, session assessment, fidelity monitoring and training of evidence-based clinical practices has never been easier. Lyssn was created by trained clinicians, academic researchers, and machine learning experts who believe in leveraging the power of science and technology to change behavioral health care for the better. For more information about Lyssn, visit www.lyssn.io. And follow Lyssn on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at @lyssn.io.

About Trent PTS

Trent PTS was established in 2003 and works in partnership with a wide range of NHS commissioning teams, support services, charities, and employers. Trent provides high quality psychological therapies, mental health services, training and supervision to both individuals and organisations. We deliver large scale services with a proven record of excellent clinical outcomes. This year we will assess between 26-30,000 people, with on average 12,000 appointments a month. In addition, we provide 250 hours of clinical supervision each month, and deliver internally and from external providers 500 days of training each year for staff. Our aim is to provide life-enhancing and meaningful psychological interventions, which improve the emotional, mental, and social wellbeing of all clients who choose our services. For more information about Trent PTS, visit https://www.trentpts.co.uk/.

About IAPT

The Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme began in 2008 and has transformed the treatment of adult anxiety disorders and depression in England. IAPT is widely recognised as the most ambitious programme of talking therapies in the world and in the past year alone more than one million people accessed IAPT services for help to overcome their depression and anxiety, and better manage their mental healthNHS England » Adult Improving Access to Psychological Therapies programme