Boost morale with accurate, automated notes.

Part of the Lyssn AI platform, Lyssn Notes streamlines workflows and gives time back to providers to do what they do best – help people.

You provide the care. We’ll provide the documentation.

  • The challenge

    Session documentation is one of the most time-consuming and dreaded tasks for providers. It is often reported as a primary source of burnout, as coaches and clinicians can feel overburdened by documentation demands. This can lead to higher turnover and poor performance.

  • Lyssn’s solution

    Lyssn AI Notes helps quickly accomplish the time-consuming task of clinical documentation for providers – freeing up their time to focus on patients and skill building. Lyssn captures every coaching or counseling call or session, then provides a smart clinical summary using your note template and safely saves it to the cloud.

  • How it works

    Lyssn AI generates accurate draft clinical notes in a standardized format you choose. Not simply a cut-and-paste from the transcript, Lyssn Notes offer the nuance and detail of a true clinical note. Notes are easy to review and finalize, and Lyssn AI learns from common edits and saves them as auto-complete smart phrases.

Lyssn was designed by behavioral health professionals who understand the science and art of providing wellness and mental health services.