Finally, a clinically validated AI platform for measuring and improving quality.

Under pressure to demonstrate that your organization meets stringent Quality Improvement regulations or accreditation requirements when it comes to evidence-based practice? Lyssn’s got you covered.

An all-in-one platform built for continuous improvement.

  • The challenge

    Quality monitoring in child welfare, coaching, and behavioral health today is typically done manually and inconsistently. It’s expensive, time-consuming, unscalable, and impossible to do for every interaction — and there’s nowhere to securely store the data. To improve outcomes and demonstrate fidelity to evidence-based practices, you need continuous measurement and analysis. That’s where Lyssn comes in.

  • The solution

    Lyssn’s AI is the only platform that monitors and evaluates every single text, call, or video for the use of evidence-based practices. Lyssn AI reviews each interaction against more than 55 clinically and externally validated measurements of fidelity — the same measurements that set the gold standard in training and evaluating caseworkers, coaches, and clinicians worldwide.

    The result: The same accurate feedback you’d get from an expert human evaluator, in a fraction of the time, at an affordable cost.

  • How it works

    Lyssn seamlessly captures every conversation, delivers both a high-fidelity transcription and a structured clinical note, then expertly analyzes the session to generate actionable feedback. You can continuously improve quality and engagement, while simultaneously managing and documenting the use of evidence-based practices.

Lyssn makes it easy to measure and improve evidence-based practice at scale.

Lyssn is the HIPAA compliant, SOC-2 audited, cloud-based AI solution that delivers:

    • Reliable measurement of evidence-based practices at scale
    • Easy integration with existing front-end software solutions, including CCWIS, in-house applications, and major telephony and video/telehealth systems
    • Time-linked, annotated speech-to-text transcripts that detect English, Spanish, and Spanglish
    • Reporting at every level: individual call or session, team member, group, or organization-wide
    • An overview of performance and quality, easily identifying who is doing well, and who could use additional support

Externally validated metrics establish the new standard.


Lyssn’s Motivational Interviewing metric accuracy rate. Metrics include established ratings of the therapeutic relationship, provider empathy, active listening, advice giving, collaboration, affirmations, and client change language.


Lyssn’s Cognitive Behavioral Therapy metric accuracy rate. Along with an overall fidelity rating, 11 specific sub-scales, such as agenda setting, collaboration, interpersonal effectiveness, guided discovery, homework, and more.


Lyssn generates 28 unique content codes for each session that provide summaries of key clinical topics, including discussions of mood, substance use, interpersonal relationships, and more.