The year: 2008. The big question: Could AI measure empathy and evidence-based practice?

Our Story

We had a vision of creating a cost-effective AI-powered assessment platform that any behavioral health or human services practitioner could easily use to assess every interaction and improve the quality of their services. We envisioned a better future than the costly, manual legacy approaches to QA practices — quickly becoming unsustainable given the exploding need for services.

Lyssn was born with guidance from leading experts in behavioral health and funding from the National Institutes of Health. As the only AI-based platform that processes and evaluates clinical conversations, Lyssn uses the same gold-standard tools trusted worldwide by training and quality assurance programs. Lyssn’s AI-based system has been proven to perform these evaluations as well as, or better, than their human counterparts.

Today, Lyssn serves child welfare and human services agencies, CCBHCs, crisis response/988 systems, and a wide range of behavioral health, wellness, and educational programs. Lyssn helps clinicians hone their skills, and better support their staff and improve overall patient satisfaction for better outcomes.

Lyssn continues to evolve with our commitment to investment in ongoing research, creation of new tools and functionality, and new studies and findings.

Our Team

Lyssn brings together behavioral health and child welfare experts in AI, talented web developers, graphic designers, and more. We are united by our passion to ensure that everyone gets quality services in an equitable and affordable system.

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Advisory Team