Real science driving real change.

From our roots in academia to today, groundbreaking and peer-reviewed research provides the foundation for all that we do.

Committed to research.

From day one we’ve believed that technology can help extend the reach of evidence-based therapeutic practices, augment the work of clinicians, coaches, and social service providers, and help hire and train more people better and faster. And we’ve set out to prove it.

With deep expertise in speech signal processing, machine learning, user-centered design, and software engineering — as well as our decades of clinical expertise — we conduct scientific research on a continuing basis and develop innovative health technology solutions that are practical, scalable, and cost efficient.

More than 60 scientific papers and counting.

Collectively the leadership behind Lyssn have been conducting research on the use of AI in the assessment of wellness and behavioral health care delivery for decades  –  resulting in more than 50 peer-reviewed published studies. Below are just a few selected papers for our work: