The new standard of practice in health and human services.™

Lyssn invented the only artificial intelligence training and QI platform that uses gold-standard evaluation tools to assess and improve fidelity to evidence-based practices. Intuitive, on-demand training modules provide the same kind of feedback as an expert clinical evaluator, using the same metrics. And our easy-to-use interfaces make demonstration of fidelity a breeze for programs like Family First and CCBHCs — better, faster, and cheaper than manual legacy approaches.

The future of evidence-based practice is here.

Imagine hiring an expert evaluator to assess every conversation — every text, call, or video — for the use of evidence-based practices, and then provide immediate feedback on ways to improve. That’s what Lyssn does, only affordably and at any scale. Our interactive training and evaluation tools are built on more than a decade and a half of research, 60+ peer-reviewed publications, and ongoing partnerships with leading experts in the field. We make it easy to improve and demonstrate fidelity to evidence-based practices for quality improvement, regulatory requirements, and accreditation.

  • Continuously Monitor Quality

  • Train and Support Staff

  • Improve Engagement

  • Assess Skill Levels

  • Manage Outcomes

Evaluate in real time. Progress in real time.

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Health and human services organizations can’t improve without accurate, ongoing evaluation and feedback at scale. Lyssn helps gain insight into the use of evidence-based practices by staff to promote client engagement, empathy, and more. By combining reliable, real-time data with interactive, ongoing training. Lyssn delivers the tools necessary to support staff and improve client outcomes.

AI for good?
Yep, it’s a thing.

The Science

Lyssn started with a crucial academic question: Could spoken language AI be trained to understand empathy? How about teach it? After years of pressure-tested, peer-reviewed clinical research, testing and trials, the answer is now a resounding “Yes”. Lyssn’s technologies are the best, most scalable way to bring high-quality, evidence-based practices to forward-looking behavioral health and human services organizations.

Customize Lyssn to fit your organization.

Support coaches and clinicians

Lyssn helps health and human services providers focus on their clients with auto-generated clinical notes and automated, searchable transcripts.

Continuously monitor quality

Lyssn’s always-on AI-powered platform makes seamless, continuous quality monitoring affordable and easy to implement. It’s the fastest, most cost-effective way to evaluate and improve the use of evidence-based clinical practices.

Training for quality

Lyssn’s AI for training makes it easy to build, improve, and evaluate core skills, with modules on Motivational Interviewing (MI), Advanced Child Welfare Practice, the Multicultural Orientation Framework, and CBT for Psychosis, with more added every quarter. All on a convenient, ongoing basis.

Confidential? Secure? Compliant? Check, check, check.


Lyssn is HIPAA, FERPA, and GDPR compliant. All data is securely stored in the cloud. Recordings are encrypted, protected by two-factor authentication, and can only be accessed by authorized users. After review, customers can choose to delete files.